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Our Humble Beginnings

How Our Company Came To Be

Our marketing agency was founded by our owner, April VanTassell, a professional marketer who had worked in a variety of small businesses and had noticed that many of them were doing the marketing themselves and did not have a valid understanding of how to successfully implement their marketing as well as lacking the time to complete all of their marketing activities. The businesses also did not have the capital that large corporations do in order to hiring employees in-house do complete all of the marketing or having enough to pay the high costs of large agencies that offer all-in-one packages. Seeing a need for these local businesses, especially during the pandemic, April had decided to take the iniciative and started Infinite Digital Marketing & Web in October 2020.

Our company was created to focus on helping local businesses of the Hudson Valley, NY area by providing them with essential marketing and website services in an all-in-one, affordable package. Our team of professionals become a full-sized marketing department where we manage all of the services for business owners so they can focus on spending more time doing what they love in their business while we manage all of the marketing to help them reach their business goals. We wanted to focus on helping local small business have a marketing department that the large corporations have access to so they can help build brand awareness to grow their revenue and businesses.

Our Mission

Creating a prosperous community by helping local small and medium-sized business owners grow their customer base, revenue, and businesses by providing them withaffordable and valuable marketing and website service packages. We focus on guiding small business owners with effective marketing strategies to achieve thier goals.

Our Vision

To make a difference in our local community by valuing our clients and their businesses and delivering on our promises as well as becoming the top trusted marketing advisor in the Hudson Valley.

Our Core Values

At Infinite Digital Marketing & Web our core values are a reflection of who we are and are ethical beliefs:

Community: Our agency seeks to be active members in our local community by helping our clients and fellow neighbors to be successful and build long-lasting relationships in doing what is best for them.

Creativity: Our skilled professionals are endless suppliers of innovative ideas who design better services to generate

Integrity: We believe in doing the right thing and holding ourselves accountable in accomplishing what we say we will do. Our team is determined to remain honest and transparent with our clients.

Teamwork: Our agency is focused on not only working together to ensure our clients receive the best care and results, but we also partner with our clients and other local businesses to ensure our local community has the support to grow.

Empathy: We believe in listening to others to understand their persepctives and build their success as well as promoting both diversity and inclusiveness.

Our Team

April VanTassell, Owner Infinite Digital Marketing & Web

April VanTassell, MBA

Owner/Marketing Strategist & Consultant

April was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY, but left in 2014 for New England. There she attended an all-women’s college, BayPath College in Massachusetts. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a move to Rhode Island with her family, she began working for a variety of small businesses in their marketing departments, managing everything from the business social media pages to their email marketing and graphic design. For her last employer, she had built their marketing department from the ground up branding the logo and company as well as building their new company website. In using her marketing knowledge and skills, she was able to grow the company’s client base by 26% in two years. During her last year at her last employer, she had started taking on her own clients to start building her business by helping the local businesses in Rhode Island with all of their marketing and website needs. After spending 5 ½ years in Rhode Island, she made the decision to return home to Dutchess County to start her business in helping local businesses to get more customers/clients so they are able to grow their revenue and businesses.

April loves spending her off time with her husband and the two sons and tasting all of the desserts her pastry chef husband brings home to her. She also loves to read and travel, especially to the beach. She also loves to visit and buy from local small businesses.

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