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In this day and age, your business regardless of size needs a website to be found by your target audience. Your website is essentially a digital brochure that will communicate to your target market that you have the solution to their problems and explain how you are going to eliminate their troubles; your website should also have a specific call-to-action that you want your leads to complete whether it is filling out a form, buying online, calling your business, etc.

With 97% of consumers searching for products and services online, your business lacking a website can mean that your business is missing out on gaining a number of new customers/clients and sales. According to Verisign, 88% of U.S. small businesses who have a website stated that they were able to reach more customers compared to if they did not have the website. Another important benefit of having a business website is that it adds credibility to your business, as 84% of U.S. consumers believe that a business that has a website is more credible compared to just having social media pages. Lastly, a website can help your business grow and gain a competitive advantage 81 percent of small business owners have said that a website has helped their business in growing and 84 percent stated that a website allowed their business to stand out from their competitors.

We Build Your Website, Host It, & Manage It

A website is crucial to have, but as a busy owner, you may lack the time to spend creating a website, and/or you may feel intimated about how to even begin creating one. Our team of website professionals will work with you to design and create a website that will match the personality of your brand. We will also create the verbiage or content on your website that will entice your leads to browse your site and perform the action you would like. Our team will create a design that is easy to navigate so your target audience is not turned away in frustration of not being able to get where they need to be; your website will also be made to be responsive, meaning the layout will automatically change to the size of the device a website visitor is using.

Unlike other website designers, we will not just create your website to then leave you on your own. We will host your website (having your website files placed on a server so that your website can be uploaded to the web and be found online) as well as perform updates and maintenance. You will need to make edits and changes throughout the year or have issues with your site, and our experts will take on the burden of making those changes and fixing issues.

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Roughly 45% to 51% of businesses do not have a website, which means they are losing out on reaching a large portion of their target market. 93% of purchase decisions are made through search results ending with a click to your website.

Our team will work with you to design an efficient website design with engaging content that will help to bring in leads. Your website design will make it easier for your leads to make purchases, schedule consults, or any other call-to-action you would like them to complete.

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