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Is Your Firm/ Practice Utilizing Email Marketing?

Email marketing is when a customer/client opts in or gives permission to a business to communicate with them through email, usually in the form of a monthly newsletter. Email is one of the best ways that professionals can keep in contact with clients/patients and have the ability to build loyalty with clients/patients by providing them with the latest important information. Email marketing is both cost-effective and can help your business as the return on investment for email marketing is 122 percent!

Your company will have the opportunity to improve communication and build long-term relationships with your current clients/customers by easily sending them the latest sales, promotions, or any other important news/updates through a fast and reliable channel. Text messaging is becoming increasingly popular with 64% of consumers believing that businesses should contact them through text messaging more often and 75% of them wanting to receive special offers through text. More customers are looking to spend less time on the phone with 56% stating they would rather message a business than call them for customer support.

Reach Clients and Leads in a New Way

Our professionals will take any promotions, sales, and/or specials that your business is offering and send them right away through text messaging when they opt-in; to gain permission to text them, our team can create multiple opt-in points such as have them sign up through email, texting your chosen business keyword, or giving us written/verbal permission to add them to your business text message software. Your business will utilize text messaging software that follows all of the anti-SPAM laws with your business only texting those who have given their permission. We help you to keep in touch with your current client/patient base to keep your business top of mind as well as continue contact with your leads to continue pushing them down the sales funnel.

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Increase Sales & Engagement with Target Messaging

There are 91% of consumers who use email, which is a big demographic for your business to reach. Email allows for targeted messaging that communicates solving a problem or providing a specific want and need to your audience. 

Our team of professionals will create the design and content for monthly newsletters and/or campaigns to help you keep in touch with your current clients/patients and push leads further down the sales pipeline.

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