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January 15, 2021

How To Write Effective Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Facebook and Instagram ads are a much more cost-effective alternative compared to Google Ads, which can run your business upwards of $1500 to $3000 per ad. These ads also allow for a more narrow, targeted audience compared to Google as Facebook collects a lot more information on behaviors and interests in their analytics compared to Google. Even though these ads are cheaper and easier to run, not having an effective ad can cause your business to lose money rather than getting the intended results. Make sure your social media ad follows these guidelines in order to get the best return on investment when advertising with Facebook and Instagram.

1.) Narrow Down Your Target Market

Before creating your ad, you should research who your target market and narrow it down so you have a more selective audience. For example, if you are a local boutique, your target market may look like this: women ages 25-40, household income of $40,000 or higher, professionals, within a 10-mile radius of your store, enjoys shopping and have interests in fashion. You want to be a specific as possible when creating your target audience so you will have the best results from your Facebook and Instagram ads.

2.) Create A “Catchy” Headline That Gains Their Attention

The headline is going to be the first thing your audience will read and if it does not spike their interest then they will not read the rest of your ad and they will scroll past rather than complete the call to action you want them to do. Using the headline to display special promotions and deals would be a perfect message that would instantly catch their attention. An example of a title that will capture the target market of your Boutique may be: 50% OFF on Winter Items! Or even if you are not doing a sale, you would want the headline to relate to a want or need, such as: Your Favorite Designer Wear All in One Place!

3.) Create Multiple Ads for Multiple Needs

Even when condensing and narrowing down your target market, they still will have different wants and needs for your business, so you will want to use the option to create a variety of ads in one campaign where you will be able to create 6 different ads with different focuses that your target audience may be looking for. They may be interested in the other products or services your business sells, but for the most part, there will be one product/service they are looking for in particular. For instance, with your boutique you may have women who are looking for a new outfit for their presentation at work or a new pair of shoes to wear to the family reunion or a stunning dress for a wedding. Think about the products or services you provide and why customers want or need them and create your ads around their needs and dilemmas.

4.) Create Value for Your Audience

When creating your ads, you should prioritize the value that they will be receiving from your products or services. Communicating to your target audience what value they will be receiving from your advertisement will bring to them whether it is offering them the convenience of getting food delivered to their door or being the only location near them that offers their favorite flavor of coffee.

5.) Make Sure Image Matches the Context of the Ad

You now have all of your content and a great headline that will surely make your target audience want to read more, but not having an image that makes sense with the ad can cause many to become confused and ignore the ad. Make sure the imagery you are choosing to go with your ad makes sense and enhances what the ad is about; it would not make any sense if are a women’s boutique and your advertisement is about a sale on women’s high heels having a pair of sneakers or even men’s’ shoes as the image would deter the audience you want to target from making an action and those who are not your audience will be noticing your ad and then became “annoyed” when they complete the call-to-action to only realize it was not what they thought they were clicking to get.

6.) Short, Sweet, & to the Point

The last thing you want to do with your ads is essentially read like a mini essay which will cause your viewers to immediately tune out and scroll past your ad. Make sure your content gives a brief description about what you are advertising and how it can help solve a want or a need for them; do not overstuff your ad with a lot of verbiage and jargon. Keep it simple by only having content that explains the ad, do not start talking about your business story or other non-related text.

7.) Research Your Target Markets Interests & Behaviors

Unlike Google who uses keywords to direct possible leads to either your business website or a landing page, Facebook will look at the behaviors, interests, etc. of everyone using the platform and based on those stats they will show your ads to those who have similar interests to what you sell; for example, if you run a fashion store and run an ad for your shop/boutique, Facebook will show your ads to those who like and follow fashion pages and are actively searching for fashion items in their Google searches. Make sure to select behaviors and interests your target audience will have when selecting and customizing your ad audiences.

Facebook and Instagram ads can provide your business with a more cost-effective option to advertising that will allow them to reach a large scale of possible leads on a smaller budget compared to google. Facebook and Instagram may work differently than Google, they provide your business with a more targeted selection of audiences, as many of us are guilty of sharing almost everything about ourselves on Facebook and Instagram. With the right headline, images, text, and audience targeting, your Facebook and Instagram ads will be able to give your business great results and return on investment.