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Small Business Advertising Means More Buys

Regardless of whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your business needs to be advertising to spread brand awareness and reach your target audience. It is not just about getting new customers/clients, but to communicate to your current customer/client base what other products/services your business offers that they may be interested in. As many of us in the marketing industry say, “It is easier and cheaper to sell to current customers than it is to bring on new customers to sell too”; your returning customers will spend 67% more in your business than any new customers and your business will be spending 7x less on continuing to engage with your current base rather than selling to new consumers.

Even though it is profitable and cost-effective to sell to your current customer/client base, though in order for your business to continue to grow you will need to gain new customers/clients. Digital advertising has become increasingly popular due to it being more cost-effective than traditional marketing (newspapers, direct mail, billboards, radio, etc.). Large corporations have millions or sometimes even billions to spend on advertising so they are able to get on commercials, radio, etc. whereas, your business has a limited budget and digital advertising allows you dollars to go farther with a better ROI. Unlike traditional marketing efforts, digital marketing will allow you to see how well your ads are doing so if they are not getting the right results, they can be stopped.

We Help Guide Your Advertising

Creating ads, especially those that are effective, can be difficult to generate. As a small business owner, you are not a marketing professional and in many cases you lack the time and the knowledge of how to design an effective ad that generates the intended results. Our team of professionals will work with you by learning about your goals for the ads and we then will create them whether for Facebook, Google, etc.

All ads will be shown to you for approval before being run, then after starting we will monitor the ads to make sure they are running and achieving some results; if they do not, we will then stop them to keep you from losing money and try a different strategy and design.

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If your business is not completing any advertising then how do you expect your target market to know you exist or what you provide to them? Advertising is the most direct way to reach and communicate with your target market about your products/services to help your business increase its revenue.

Our team works with you to find which digital advertising channels will work best to increase traffic to your website and business. We create the ads, track and monitor them for you to ensure they are getting results.

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